Viktor Foerster is partner of an interdisciplinary research project which originated within the Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung's (Ministry for Education and Research) program "Innovative Work Design – The Future of Work" as a co-financed research project e-work (e@rbeit). The project focuses on the research on the conditions for successful business to business applications. The main goal is to develop the best practise models which afterwards will be implemented in the pilot enterprise.

The interim report "Rechtliche Aspekte im E-Business (B2B)" (legal aspects in e-business) gives an overview of the project's current status.

fr's contribution to the research project was integrated in an overall plan which, as an intranet solution, shall enable mid-sized companies to call on legal standards in e-business online. The intranet solution is connected to an f+r_elearning_tool fr_elt™ which makes management training via CD-Rom possible. Within the scope of coaching sessions together with fr, overall tests are intended. Upon achieving the predetermined standard of performance, one is awarded with the fr certificate Master of E-Business™. The certificate offers security to the mid-sized company that its management obtained the necessary minimum standard of knowledge within the scope of B2B and that this knowledge is available in the intranet for the daily work.