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The legal advice provided by fr is designed to ensure that the risks for our clients are contained reduced to a minimum. For this purpose we use and develop for our clients:   

  • Specially tailored handbooks offering solutions to risks that are ordinarily linked to operative business such as delay, warranty, liability and the transfer of know-how, but also linked to strategic business, these handbooks help to develop risk awareness.

  • Sample formulations (contractual clauses and sample contracts) which, following implementation, will gradually reduce the required level of consulting support. The use of uniform contractual clauses and sample contracts will result in synergy and risk transparency for the company and its subsidiaries.

  • In-house seminars, where we train not only management but also employees in the complete process of contract planning, design, negotiation, implementation and administration with the goal of controlling risks (risk management).

  • Integration of company-specific handbooks and sample formulations in our Clients’ Intranet.

  • Project management training, coaching.

  • Training tutorials simulating contract negotiation and its associated techniques using mock cases; documentation available on CD-ROM.

  • Claim management systems (contract and claim administration) for complex contracts with support by the fr_claim_management_system (fr_cms™).

  • Risk management methodology for the planning and implementation of software development contracts both for private and public clients.

  • Checklists that often enable our clients to analyse complex contracts independently.